I knew Skagerak was the right choice for me

Skagerak Summer Camps are great fun

The teachers for me are the best thing about Skagerak

Students get personal attention from teachers

Students get personal attention from teachers

A great variety of After School Clubs

Everybody is so friendly at Skagerak

Teachers have a fresh and innovative way of teaching

Skagerak is AMAZING!

One enjoys freedom to express at Skagerak

Easy access to learning materials

You are always heard

Small community with a good heart

You will fall in love with Skagerak right away

The atmosphere in Skagerak is calm and not crowded

Very positive student teacher relationship

Open a book, open your mind, open your world.

Maximize Your Potential.


Welcome to the Skagerak Library

Come in and take a look around…

Our library is divided between two sites: Junior and Senior. The Junior section is further divided into a PYP and MYP area and has a range of non-fiction, fiction and picture books to suit all ages. We have books in Norwegian and English and are working to expand our Mother-tongue selection to support the many different languages students use at home.

Younger classes visit the library once a week with their teacher or Ms Brattested to choose books. Older students drop in independently. They also have a self-study area available for independent or group work.

The Senior section is housed in the High School Building. It operates a self-checkout system for students. This part of the library has a range of subscription magazines, and a growing non-fiction section designed to support the Diploma Programme. It serves as an invaluable space for self-study, group work and independent reading.

Senior Library
Junior Library