Project Description

Borrowing Resources

To borrow a book from the Senior Library, here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the Self-checkout station to the right of the reception desk.

  2. Scan the library code on the back of your student ID card.

  3. Scan the school label on the back of the book (or sometimes inside the back cover).

Here’s an example:

Search the school library catalogue here:

Returning Books

This is easy – simply put them on the shelf under the checkout desk. There’s nothing else to do.

(There is a separate system for the end of year textbook returns – please don’t leave these in the library – thanks.)

Trouble Shooting

If you have any problems with the self-checkout, there is a form by the screen – simply fill in your name, your contact teacher and the school barcode number. (Not the ISBN number of the book.)

Your librarian will check it out for you later.