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When do I need to cite?

Whilst there are many recognised referencing systems, it is simpler to promote a consistent approach to citation and to avoid confusion by the use of one common system.

Need referencing advice?

Talk to your librarian

If you have questions about how and what to cite, call into the library for a chat

Free Online guide

Choosing and Using Sources

Common Knowledge

Common knowledge needs no citation

What is it?

It is information commonly known by most people – this may depend on context. What is common knowledge at a medical conference or an engineering lecture might not be acceptable if you are writing for the general public.

Read more about it on the Owl Purdue site here.

Bottom line: if in doubtcite

Where should sources be acknowledged?

There are 2 places to remember

  1.  In the body of the text where they are referred to. (Parenthetical citation)

  2.  On your ‘Works Cited’ page.

Online Citation Tools

What are they/where can I find them?

There are many online tools designed to help you with citation and referencing; however, you do still need to know what a correctly formatted citation in MLA should look like. These generators can sometimes create some strange-looking results – don’t trust them 100%.
Here are a few links, there are many more, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Just find one you like, and make sure you can store your references as you go.
  • Easybib: particularly good with MLA
  • Zotero   Another widely used system
  • Bibmealso OK – it helps if you can spot when a citation is not right though…
  • Cite this for me: will only store your citations for a week if you use the free version.
  • Noodle ToolsOften a good choice for unconventional sources