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If you have ideas or suggestions about how we can make your library or the website even better for all of you students out there with dyslexia, we’d really love to hear from you. Call into either the Senior or Junior Library and talk to one of the librarians.

See Dyslexia Differently

A short film explaining how people felt about finding out that they are dyslexic, and what being dyslexic means to them

Orlando Bloom in interview talking about how he copes with his Dyslexia

Take a look here for more general information and personal stories by well-known people living with Dyslexia

So, remember: having dyslexia won’t necessarily make you famous, but it certainly won’t stop you either!

Everyone with dyslexia is different, but in the video here author Sally Gardner has tried to show what it feels like for her

Take a look at this article form The Conversation

Learning disabilities do not define us
The story of a six-year-old boy with dyslexia who, with support from friends and teachers, became a successful professor. Now he teaches teachers how to help children like him.

 “I am Dyslexic”

“I AM DYSLEXIC is a student animated short directed, produced and written by Mads Johan Øgaard and Katie Wyman. We are both Dyslexic and have both experienced different ways in which the school system tries to deal with dyslexic students, the good and the bad. We have made this film in the hopes of giving individuals who experience learning difference something to relate to. Something to say; “Yes, this is a tough journey, but you’re not alone and you can overcome the struggle!”. This is content that many of us did not have growing up. Hence why we want as many people to see this film as possible, in the hopes it will give someone the courage to keep going.” Accessed 17/06/2018