Project Description

The Exhibition marks an exciting endpoint of your journey through the PYP and is an opportunity to share your knowledge, skills and understanding with family, friends and other members of the school community.

It will be both an individual challenge and a team effort, which will set the seal on all you have learned and discovered in your time as a PYP student at SIS and should prove a call to action about real life issues concerning us all today.

Good luck on your Exhibition journey.

How to find your interests

Find a topic you are passionate about.

Check out Leo Babatua’s advice https:

1. What are you good at?
2. What excites you?
3. What do you read about?
4. What have you secretly dreamed of?
5. Learn, ask, take notes.
6. Experiment, try.
7. Narrow things down.
8. Banish your fears.
9. Find the time.

The Power of Words

Inspiring voices

Need to know where to look for information?

Check out your classroom Dewey Chart.

Researching for your exhibition in the library?

Ask your teacher for a research slip and plan before you come.