Project Description


We have a school subscription to JSTOR, which is an online library of journals, academic ebooks, and primary sources.

Here you can find information from over 2,300 interdisciplinary journals including humanities, social sciences, and sciences and mathematics.

There are also approximately 50,000 ebooks from academic publishers and over 2 million primary sources across four collections.

Use this as one of your first stops to locate articles and information for assignments and extended essay research.

Click on the JStor icon above to start your search

JSTOR Text Analyser

What is it?

A tool which allows you to analyse a document, image or text and then generate suggestions for further relevant material on the JSTOR database.


JSTOR Daily is an online magazine that provides context and background to news stories and current affairs. It publishes short and long posts from journalists and academics, and all pieces link to journal articles on JSTOR for deeper reading. The magazine is regularly updated and includes sections on Arts and Culture, Business and Economics, Politics and History, Science and Technology and Education and Society

Here are a few examples of recent stories:


JSTOR labs is a new feature which comprises useful research tools for students.  If you are studying Shakespeare for example, you could take a look at their “Understanding Shakespeare” resource.

By clicking on your chosen play, you can look at it in detail, and by selecting a specific line, you can see articles displayed alongside which relate to your chosen part of the text.