Project Description

The Senior Library is the space in the High School intended for reading and individual or collaborative study.

No-one expects you to be silent, but please be mindful of others who are trying to work and study.

If you can put books you’ve been using back in the right place, that’s brilliant. If you’re not sure, please leave them on the trolley rather than putting them in a random place – it makes it almost impossible to find them; we can then re-shelve them for you.

Group work is fine; there’s a big table for group work near the reception desk – try to keep talk at a reasonable conversational level.. You’ll find a screen in the corner which is there so you can project your group work on it for better visibility. Ask if you need help.

You can see from the poster that there is no food or drink in the library – please respect this. Greasy tabletops ruin books and others don’t want to find they have put their laptop or assignment in your leftover pizza. (A water bottle is no problem.)

If you are disturbing others or not respecting the library space or its resources, don’t be surprised if you are politely asked to leave…