Project Description

Sandefjord and Vestfold Libraries

– search or contact your local libraries

Our local town library is easy to find – it’s right next to the cinema in town. If you are looking for resources not available in the school library, this should be your next stop. Ask the librarians there, who will be happy to help you locate what you need, or perhaps order it for you.

If you don’t have a library card, pop in and get one. This will also allow you access to both the Norwegian Nasjonalbiblioteket and the Oslo University Library.


The Norwegian National Library is working hard to digitise as much of its collection as possible to make it widely available. The library houses a range of media and is intended to be the principal source of information about Norway, its people and culture. It is intended as the central point for the national archives.

(The National Library can be searched from a Norwegian IP address)