Project Description

Extended Family

Reading at home?            Siblings and grandparents make wonderful reading partners too

Books Everywhere

Unexpected treasure: try leaving books around to be ‘discovered’… sometimes it pays to be untidy!

Books as Gifts

Books make memorable and lasting presents, and book tokens let kids follow their interests.

Visual Literacy

Remember to talk about design and pictures too … it helps build visual literacy skills.

Good Questions

Open-ended questions are good to get kids thinking. Try “Why?” or “How?”  or “What would have happened if…”

Going Walkabout

It can be fun to read in new places. Reading about pirates – how about taking a book on a trip to the sea?

Groundhog Day?

Don’t worry if the same book gets read again and again. It helps comprehension and builds vocabulary.

Keeping it Fun

Reading together is fun. Keep things light and entertaining. Don’t get hung up on mistakes.

Get Caught Reading

Make sure you get caught reading for pleasure. It’s always worth being a good role model.

Right Place and Time

It’s good to have a special time and place to read but it can also be fun to seize the moment.

Making it Real

Make connections with the real world. Books can be a wonderful way to address issues and challenges.

In Their Own Words

Get kids to re-tell the story in their own words. It’s a good way to build vocabulary and oracy skills.