Project Description

Turnitin is an originality checking and plagiarism prevention service. It checks submitted work for problems with citation and will detect plagiarism and copied material. Once your work is uploaded, Turnitin will compare it with other submissions on its huge database of websites, books, articles and other student work.

Our school Managebac platform is integrated with Turnitin, so when you upload an assignment there, it will automatically be checked.

Whilst detecting plagiarism is one function of Turnitin, you can use it as a valuable learning tool.  Assignments can be set up so that you have the chance to re-submit your own work more than once before the final deadline. This lets you use the similarity report to spot and correct any issues before you submit the version which will be assessed. It’s a really good way to find out if you’ve missed an important citation, or if you have problems with the originality of your work.