Project Description

Searching effectively on Google

Benefits and Limitations of Google Scholar

(University of Michigan)

A search engine designed for students.
Links to sites evaluated as credible and reliable.

Worth a try – often good for primary sources
(although a search for ‘Norway’ had material from 2009 as the most recent hit…)

Good for image and video searches
Clear accessibility information

Artworks, artefacts, books, videos and sounds from more than 3,500 museums, galleries, libraries and archives across Europe

Duck Duck Go

Search engine which promises not to share your data

What is a Meta Search Engine?

This means that instead of getting results from one search engine, you see the best results from a variety of engines.

The metasearch engine sends out simultaneous searches across a range of search engines and combines them all into one place for you. This means you get better coverage, and it can be good for a quick overview; however, they can prioritise sponsored web pages. They are best for quick, straightforward searches where you need fast, broad coverage.

Image result for meta search engine


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Designed as a one-stop search portal – can be searched by category or country