Project Description

Searching the Library Catalogue

Destiny Discover makes it easy to look for resources in the library catalogue. You can search in one place for books, ebooks and Lightbox titles.

Write in the search box on the right.

The results will show either ‘Junior’ or ‘Senior’ under location, so you’ll know which library collection it belongs to.

Destiny Discover

When you search in Destiny Discover, here’s what you’ll see:

You will be shown our books, ebooks and Lightbox titles.

Keyword Searching

Below here, I put in ‘China’ as the search, and a number of books came up. Here are some of them.

If you look carefully, you can see whether they are in the Senior or Junior section of the library by checking “location”.

The “call number” is just the Dewey number for non-fiction┬átitles – it tells you where to find it on the non-fiction shelves.