Project Description

The Dewey System is how we organise our non-fiction books. Non-fiction titles are colour-coded in yellow – check the library floor plan to see where they are shelved.   

Our shelves are divided up and numbered in groups of 100s – each section holds different types of information – see the coloured table below here to find out more. Look on the label on each book’s spine to locate it. Here’s an example:

You’ll also find the Dewey numbers (or Call Number) when you search for resources in our online library catalogue. If you look at this example, you can see the Dewey number/Call number – 551.2, and it tells you it is in the Junior section of the library.

Give it a go here:

Dewey System – helping you find your way around

non-fiction when you need facts and information

A Simplified Overview of the Dewey System